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Born in 1912 in Portland, Oregon, Molt Taylor was a bright, innovative thinker from his earliest days. He went on to become a well recognized pioneer in aviation. Of course, he is best known for his development of the Aerocar, the unique flying automobile that is easily converted back to a car with trailerable wing and tail components. But his innovative ideas have found their way into many other interesting and unusual aircraft including the US Navy XLRQ-1 Amphibious Assault Glider, the Coot Amphibious aircraft, the IMP (also known as the Ascent 1 Tribute) and of course the Mini-IMP and Micro-IMP.

Molt put his heart and soul into the idea of making aviation safer, more enjoyable and more available to the general public. He was justly proud of every one of his designs. He wrote regularly for Sport Aviation, and other aviation magazines on everything from engine selection to static testing of aircraft parts.

Molt was a man of vision and inspiration and was officially inducted into the EAA Hall of Fame by Paul Poberezny on November 10th, 1995. Only 6 days later, on November 16th, he left this world and us behind. But he left us a much more interesting world to live and fly in because of his many talents and the fascinating aircraft that he designed

The text for this page is from The Coot Story by Dr. Richard Steeves and is used with permission.

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