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Mini-IMP Construction Plans

The drawing file includes over 300 pages of drawings and instructions printed on 8.5 “ x 11” paper. In addition, one large 36” x 48” drawing of full size patterns is included. The file includes a Bill of Materials, metal shearing guide, sources for materials as well as tips for dealing with the FAA for licensing , inspections and repairs. A complete set of drawings and patterns is furnished to each licensed builder. The plans come in a 2” 3-ring binder, and includes a CD with hundreds of construction photos in .jpg format from various builders and many megabytes of additional materials, FAA forms and reference 


Micro IMP CD

This disk contains all of the known information on Molt Taylor's Micro IMP aircraft, which was made from the unique TPG material.  It is NOT a set of plans or a plans package.  It's more of a glorified "information package" .  The CD contains several hundred drawings and shop sketches as well as numerous B/W photos.  An experienced builder may be able to reverse engineer his own design from the information provided.


Laser-Cut Kit

A deluxe package including all “flat stock” parts precision laser or water-jet cut to size and shape.  Bulkheads have pre-punched rivet pilot holes.  Package includes pieces from 0.020 to 1/4" thickness.  Does not include "skins".



Machined Parts Package

Stainless Steel wing spar pins and cups, Heat-treated to HT 1075 and ready to install. (set of 5, 1 is a spare), Aileron Connectors Quick connect/disconnect aileron push pull connectors


Landing Gear Package

Main Landing Gear Legs, Nose Gear Leg. Wheels, Brakes and axles.


In Work

nose leg available now

Fiberglass Package

Includes:  Nosecone (short or long), Center section fairing (short or long), 2 stabilizer tips, 2 ruddervator tips, L/R engine door fairings (specify engine), Spinner cap, fuel filler neck cup, fan duct ring. 




Canopy, not trimmed or mounted. (specify shaded or clear)



 Hydroformed Ribs Kit

A full set of professionally formed nose and main ribs to construct the Mini-IMP wing.  Flaperon ribs are not provided since they are simple flat stock and are included as laser cut blanks in the Laser-cut kit.



Shirts and Hats

A high quality white golf shirt with the Mini-IMP logo silkscreened in black on front and back. State size: S,M,L,XL,2XL. Hat is white with black bill and has logo on the front.



Engine Mount (O-200)

4130 steel engine mount, welded and painted. Ready to install.




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