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Our Favorite Links


Links about Molt Taylor and his aircraft designs.

The AeroCar Homepage

Ed Sweeney's page about the new AeroCar

The Official Coot Homepage

Dr. Steeves official homepage for Molt Taylor’s Coot Amphibian

A few, selected Aeronautical Engineering and Aircraft Design Links

AeroLogic’s PSW Homepage

AeroLogic produces a fabulous 3D aircraft lofting and modeling package and an improved version of NASA’s Pmarc-12 CFD package that gives you your own “personal simulation works”.


My former (and favorite) professor, Dr. Jan Roskam, has formed a company which has developed and marketed a first-rate package of aircraft design and analysis software as well as many other services.

Raymer’s Aircraft Design System

Dan Raymer’s software package for design and analysis. He has a version specifically made for the Homebuilt aircraft enthusiast. He has a textbook available to accompany the software.  It's GREAT!

Public Domain Aeronautical Software

Ralph Carmichael’s web page providing information about his CD-ROM of public domain programs converted to run on PC’s.  Very useful for you technical types

And speaking of dreams...

International Formula One Air Racing

This is what I really love! Now wouldn’t a Formula One racer based on the Mini-IMP be something to think about… hmmmm… 

A CFD model of a potential Mini-IMP racer done with AeroLogic's PSW software

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