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More photos to come as I scan in more stuff !


Molt Taylor's original Prototype N2MB, powered by a Limbach engine

Mi01.jpg (59880 bytes) Mi02.jpg (51179 bytes) Flightpic.jpg (76141 bytes) MI033.jpg (69211 bytes) MI038.jpg (74930 bytes) MI056.jpg (75649 bytes)

Pat Hart's "Hart's Dart" , the first customer built Mini-IMP.  O-200 Powered

Flt-Dart2.jpg (25501 bytes)

Heinz Thut's beautiful Turbo-Revmaster powered Mini-IMP (Switzerland)

Thut58.jpg (739364 bytes) thut22.jpg (62782 bytes)

Brent Smith is finishing up Molt's #2 Prototype with an O-200 engine

Pdrm0027.jpg (243831 bytes) GoldenWest1.jpg (109719 bytes) GoldenWest2.jpg (101374 bytes) GoldenWest3.jpg (103374 bytes) trailere.JPG (527670 bytes) GoldenWest6.jpg (901071 bytes)

Bernardo De Sousa-Dantas from Brazil built this VW-powered version

dantas1.JPG (984630 bytes)

Ed Roy built this version with his students under the EAA's "Project School Flight".  It was completed to the gorgeous example you see here by Dr. Joe Biancarelli.  It is powered by a Hirth F-30 engine, a controllable pitch propeller and  fixed main gear.

Bian001.jpg (1077884 bytes) Bian009.jpg (1127140 bytes) Bian006.jpg (964143 bytes) Bian002.jpg (925244 bytes) Bian010.jpg (1034037 bytes) Roy49.JPG (539781 bytes)

Don Mapel's O-200 powered Mini-IMP "Don's Dream" is now the "factory demonstrator" for the Mini-IMP Aircraft Company.  It has several interesting improvements.

photos3.jpg (36693 bytes) IMP1snf4.JPG (37673 bytes) SNF5.jpg (39909 bytes) SNF10.jpg (37124 bytes) SNF&.jpg (38228 bytes) SNF14.jpg (36822 bytes)

Ray Vogele built this Mini-IMP, it was rebuilt and modified by George Papich

ray1.JPG (1005413 bytes) ray2.JPG (289493 bytes) Papich01.jpg (75070 bytes) Papich02.jpg (82759 bytes)

Jim Foster and Peter Newton in New Zealand are hard at work building their "Kiwi IMP"

Foster1.jpg (84593 bytes) Foster02.jpg (72447 bytes) Foster03.jpg (70018 bytes) Foster04.jpg (65325 bytes) Foster05.jpg (64359 bytes)

Bruno Banz of Switzerland gets a little "cockpit time"

Bruno06.JPG (30985 bytes) Bruno01.JPG (33529 bytes) Bruno02.JPG (26317 bytes) Bruno04.JPG (29189 bytes) Bruno05.JPG (29451 bytes) Bruno07.JPG (19739 bytes)

The CD that accompanies the plans set has hundreds of additional photos showing construction techniques of the Mini-IMP along with projects from builders.


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